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Co-Owners Jay and Camille were inspired by three generations of secret family recipes. From the love of their Italian heritage and the passions of antique traditions, they knew that an Italian restaurant was in their future. The opportunity came as the couple was awaiting the arrival of their first daughter. Sophia Giovanna was born on August 28, 2009. The restaurant couldn't have been named anything other than after the pride and joy of their life. 

Our family originated from the Calabria Region of Italy. Cenadi is situated at 49 km from Catanzaro, the town extends from the Ionian side of the Serre to the wooded slopes of the Serralta San Vito mountain and the upper basin of the Soverato river. 

Americans live like millionaires, Mrs. Guiseppe Gallo, late of Cenadi, Calabria, Italy, observed last night. She thinks this country is "wonderful," as was her first ride in an automobile, her introduction to radio, television and other commonplace items of American Living. Mrs. Gallo has the same description for her new home at 700 East Ferry St., fully equipped with the latest electrical appliances by her four sons.

Like a Dream


There's little more she can say, even in expressive Italian, about all the material things that have unfolded like a dream before her since her arrival here at 4:30 yesterday morning from New York after crossing the Atlantic on the ship Conte de Bianchi Manna. 

But mention the sons, and that's different. "Figliomio

," she repeated over and over at a party celebrating her arrival at 116 Eggert Rd. 

The 62-year-old newcomer looked at them almost constantly. Her tanned, healthy face beamed. She hadn't seen one of them for 27 years. The others had been separated from her for 25 years, while the youngest left home for America two years ago.

Decide on Reunion

ImagesShe had seen pictures of the boys, but it didn't fill the longing for them - so about 15 months ago Guiseppe Gallo figured it was time for him and "Momma" to join the family. Their sons were settled in America and leading a comfortable life. "Papa" Gallo was satisfied he was sufficiently prosperous not to be a burden on them in his oder years, and it was time for him and "Mamma" to the family together again. 

"Papa" Gallo had been an American citizen between 1904 and 1937, when he was unable to comply with the three-year renewal of his citizenship papers, and he remained in Italy, prospering at farming.

Meanwhile, the youngest son, Vito Gallo of 700 East Ferry St., joined his brothers, John,

 of 704 East Ferry St., who has been here 27 years, and Joseph of 116 Eggert Rd., and Antho

ny Gallo, 235 Gold St., both of whom last saw their mother 25 years ago.
- Buffalo News

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