Dolce - Desserts  

Dolce (Dessert)


All desserts homemade fresh daily.



Italian pastry shell filled with Ricotta cheese and chocolate chips, topped with powdered sugar.


Ricotta Cheese Cake

A family recipe made from fresh imported Ricotta and a hint of orange citrus.


Banana Foster

Tableside flambé for two.


Cherry Jubilee

Tableside flambé for two.


Old World Spumoni

Cherry, chocolate and pistachio swirled ice cream drizzled with hot chocolate sauce and biscotti.



Savoiardi (lady fingers) dipped in espresso and a hint of Kahlua, layered with mascarpone, light whipped cream and dusted with cocoa powder.


Vanilla Ice Cream


Sfogliatella (2)

Italian puff pastry filled with Ricotta cheese and citrus.


Chocolate Cake

Chocolate layer cake with rich chocolate cream covered with chocolate ganache and cocoa butter.